Has Argentina ever beat Brazil? (2024)

Has Argentina ever beat Brazil?

Brazil vs Argentina: Head-to-head record

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Has Argentina ever won against Brazil?

RIO DE JANEIRO -- History was made in the Maracana stadium on Tuesday night, when Nicolas Otamendi's towering header from a corner gave Argentina a 1-0 win and, in the process, inflicted Brazil's first-ever defeat at home in World Cup qualification.

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Which team is best Brazil or Argentina?

Brazil have won 43 to Argentina's 41, with 26 ending all square. The Seleção have registered five more goals than the Albiceleste in the encounter. In four FIFA World Cup™ games, Brazil have won twice and Argentina once.

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Who has Brazil never beaten?

  • The only two teams that the Brazil men´s national football team has never won against is Norway and Senegal.
  • Against Norway Brazil have two draws and two losses, with the most memorable game being the last group game at the 1998 FIFA World Cup, in which Norway won 2–1.
Mar 7, 2022

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Who has won more World Cups Brazil or Argentina?

Brazil have won more FIFA World Cup titles than any other country, with a total of five. Meanwhile, Germany and Italy rank joint-second, with four titles each. Argentina, winners of the 2022 tournament, have won three World Cups.

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How many times Brazil won Argentina?

Head-to-head record:

The two nations have been involved in 108 matches, out of which Brazil have won 45, and Argentina have won 40. 23 matches between the two have ended in a draw.

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What was Argentina's biggest loss?

In Buenos Aires, Argentina defeated Peru 2–1, drew with Paraguay 0–0 and suffered a catastrophic loss to Colombia 5–0 on 5 September 1993 in the Estadio Monumental. It became the largest defeat to a national team since a 1–6 result in the 1958 World Cup.

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Is Brazil vs Argentina the biggest rivalry?

The South American rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is one of the biggest on the international stage. The rivalry gets renewed every single time Brazil and Argentina take to the pitch against each other in the Battle of the Americas or the Superclasico de las Americas.

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How many goals Messi scored against Brazil?

The evergreen No10 has netted six goals in 15 encounters with Brazil between 2005 and 2022, a record he would love to improve when the teams meet on Tuesday at the Maracana on matchday six of the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 26™.

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What is Brazil biggest defeat?

Uruguay 6−

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Has Mexico ever beaten Brazil?

Brazil wins out in the head-to-head, however: in 39 matches, Brazil has won 22, Mexico 10, and there have been 7 draws. But Mexico has certainly made Brazilian fans suffer, notably in finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1996, 1999 Confederations Cup, and the Olympic Games in 2012.

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What is the only team never to lose to Brazil?

In fact, Norway is the only team in the world who has played Brazil and never lost, winning two matches and drawing on two other occasions.

Has Argentina ever beat Brazil? (2024)
Has Mexico won a World Cup?

Mexico has competed in nearly every tournament since the inaugural 1930 World Cup, but it has never been able to win. The country has advanced past the group stage in seven straight World Cups, but it has lost in the Round of 16 each time.

How many World Cups does Pele have?

Pelé's electrifying play and penchant for scoring spectacular goals made him a star around the world. He led Brazil to three World Cup football (soccer) championships (1958, 1962, and 1970). He scored 12 goals in World Cup play and tallied more than 1,000 goals in first-class matches.

Have Argentina ever won a World Cup?

Argentina is one of the most successful teams in the tournament's history, having won three World Cups: in 1978, 1986, and 2022. Argentina has also been runner-up three times: in 1930, 1990 and 2014. In 18 World Cup tournaments, Argentina has 47 victories in 88 matches.

Are Argentina and Brazil rivals?

The longstanding sporting rivalry between two of the most successful teams in world football hit fever pitch after the Brazilian police charged Argentinian fans in response to fighting in the stands during the national anthems.

How did Argentina beat Brazil?

Nicolas Otamendi's header saw Argentina win 1-0 and consolidate their lead at the top of the South American 2026 World Cup qualifying table. "It was bad because we saw how they were beating people," said Messi, per BBC Sport.

How many times has Brazil beat Argentina head-to-head?

Brazil vs Argentina head-to-head record, all-time results

The five-time World Cup champions have won 43 of the 110 total meetings across all competitions, narrowly beating Argentina's total of 41 victories.

Who defeated Argentina by 11 goal?

Argentina slumped to a humiliating 11-0 loss to Germany in the opening match of the women's World Cup on Monday, the worst defeat in the tournament's history.

Will Ronaldo play 2026 World Cup?

The next World Cup may be three years away, but Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly plans to take part in the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada. He has apparently told Al Nassr that he'd like to extend his contract with the club until at least the beginning of 2027, when he is expected to hang up his boots.

Who is Brazil's rival team?

The Brazil–Argentina football rivalry is a sports rivalry between the national football teams of the two countries and their respective sets of fans. [2] Games between the two teams are often marked by notable and controversial incidents.

Who is Brazil's rival in the World Cup?

Argentina: Historic World Cup qualifier is overshadowed by violence and chaos at the Maracanã stadium. Brazilian police clash with fans of Argentina before the start of the match.

Who is Argentina World Cup rival?

Brazil's rivalry with Argentina is one of the fiercest in international football so this game was always a powderkeg, particularly as the hosts were welcoming the World Cup winners for the first time since their triumph in Qatar last December.

Has Messi ever scored a hat trick against Brazil?

The Football Arena - Lionel Messi is the only player in history to score a hat-trick against Real Madrid and Brazil!

Did Messi score in 2010 World Cup?

Messi scored once in 2006, failed to score at 2010, collected four at 2014 and added a further goal in 2018 to enter the 2022 World Cup on six goals. Following the six he has scored thus far in the 2022 World Cup he now has 12 World Cup goals.


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