Is Office 2023 coming? (2024)

Is Office 2023 coming?

Microsoft also rebranded most of their standard Office 365 editions as "Microsoft 365" to reflect their inclusion of features and services beyond the core Microsoft Office suite. In October 2022, Microsoft announced that it will phase out the Microsoft Office brand in favor of "Microsoft 365" by January 2023.

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Is there going to be MS Office 2023?

Microsoft also rebranded most of their standard Office 365 editions as "Microsoft 365" to reflect their inclusion of features and services beyond the core Microsoft Office suite. In October 2022, Microsoft announced that it will phase out the Microsoft Office brand in favor of "Microsoft 365" by January 2023.

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What changes are Microsoft making in 2023?

So, the main change to the Windows 11 2023 Update is the removal of the Microsoft Teams integration named Chat. “Chat is now Microsoft Teams (free) and is pinned by default to the taskbar,” explains John Cable, VP of program management for Windows servicing and delivery.

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Will there be a new version of Office?

A successor, Microsoft Office 2024 is expected to be rolled out in the second half of 2024. Office 2021 retains the same major version number of 16 that previous versions of Office had. It introduces new dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP features for Excel, full dark-mode support and performance improvements.

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What is the Outlook update 2023?

Outlook 2023 update details

The upcoming version employs a browser engine for HTML rendering, aligning it closer to the web version of Outlook. This move is in line with Microsoft's objective of achieving consistency across their applications, making it a welcome change for HTML email developers.

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Is Microsoft retiring Office?

Is Office going away entirely? No, as part of Microsoft 365 you will continue to get access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. We will also continue to offer one-time purchases of those apps to consumers and businesses via Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans.

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Is Microsoft Office being phased out?

On October 13, 2022, Microsoft announced that it would be phasing out the Microsoft Office brand, in favor of branding all products under the Microsoft 365 name. This change took effect on in November 2022, followed by the Office mobile apps in January 2023.

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Is Microsoft discontinuing Outlook?

Microsoft's revised announcement states that the Mail and Calendar Apps will no longer be supported at the end of 2024. It will become the New Outlook for Windows. In the meantime, users are encouraged to try New Outlook for Windows while they can switch back and forth between the Mail App and New Outlook versions.

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How much is Office 2023?

Microsoft 365 Basic will cost only USD1. 99 per month or USD19. 99 per year and be available worldwide on January 30, 2023, through Microsoft's website and from the OneDrive and Outlook apps. Existing OneDrive 100 GB subscribers will also automatically transition to Microsoft 365 Basic on January 30, 2023.

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How to install Microsoft Office 2023?

Sign in to download Office for PC

Go to and if you're not already signed in, select Sign in. Sign in with the account you associated with this version of Office. Select Office 365 apps to begin the installation.

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Do I need to purchase Microsoft Office for new laptop?

Yes. Unless you have specifically bought a computer where you have options to add that in it will not have a working Microsoft Office installed on it. The files for Office are pre-installed on most all computers but then you have to purchase and activate it.

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What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Office 365?

No, Office 2021 and Office 365 are not the same. Office 2021 is a one-time purchase that provides a perpetual license for the software. Office 365 (now known as Microsoft 365) is a subscription-based service offering continuous updates, additional features, and cloud-based services.

Is Office 2023 coming? (2024)
Can I still use Microsoft Word after subscription expires?

Does Office 365 expire? Yes, Office 365 does expire if you don't renew your subscription. If you don't renew your subscription, you will lose access to all the Office apps and services that are included in your subscription. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

What is the latest version of Office 365?

Supported Versions
ChannelVersionVersion availability date
Current Channel2311November 29, 2023
Monthly Enterprise Channel2309November 9, 2023
Monthly Enterprise Channel2308October 5, 2023
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview)2308September 10, 2023
2 more rows
6 days ago

What is the April 2023 update for Outlook?

Microsoft released the April 2023 feature update of Outlook for Microsoft 365 Apps in the Current Channel. This times there are 2 new features and 5 documented fixes. For email messages with attachments, apply a label that matches the highest classification of those attachments.

Why is Outlook changing?

In order to maintain the security and reliability of your email, we're rolling out changes to our services that will affect the version of Outlook you're using.

How long will Microsoft Office be supported?

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word 2021 Ends Support in 2026.

Should I update Microsoft Office?

To use the newest features and get the most up-to-date security updates, we recommend you upgrade to Microsoft 365.

Is Microsoft 365 Office free?

Microsoft 365 for the web is a free version of Microsoft 365 that you can use in a web browser. All you need is to sign up for a Microsoft account with a new or existing email address.

Why do people still use Microsoft Office?

Offline access

Because the Microsoft Office applications have desktop versions, that makes them the clear choice. Google's applications are only available via the web. Knowing that you can work from anywhere, without an internet connection is also more attractive these days than it ever has been.

What version of Microsoft Office are still supported?

Microsoft Office
ReleaseReleasedActive Support
3658 years ago (22 Sep 2015)Yes
20212 years ago (05 Oct 2021)Ends in 2 years and 10 months (13 Oct 2026)
20195 years ago (24 Sep 2018)Ended 1 month and 3 weeks ago (10 Oct 2023)
20168 years ago (22 Sep 2015)Ended 3 years ago (13 Oct 2020)
6 more rows
Oct 26, 2023

What is the best version of Microsoft Office?

If you choose between Microsoft 365 and Office 2021, Microsoft 365 is clearly the better pick here. Microsoft 365 includes access to many more features and apps than Office 2021 does. You get OneDrive storage and access to family safety apps.

Why do people still use Outlook?

Outlook is Microsoft's email service. However, it does so much more than just send and receive email. Extensive features such as calendar, appointment scheduling, contact management, and more make it a staple of the professional world. While it's free to use, a premium version exists within the broader 365 toolsets.

Will I be forced to use the new Outlook?

The new Outlook app can be uninstalled to let you use the Mail App, but the Mail app will be retired in 2024 and the New Outlook app will be the default mail application.

Is Windows getting rid of Mail?

The Mail and Calendar applications will continue to be available via download in the Microsoft Store through the end of 2024. On existing devices, users can switch to the new Outlook for Windows from a toggle in the Mail and Calendar applications. You can see more information about accessing the People app here.


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