Where did Messi go at age 13? (2024)

Where did Messi go at age 13?

Messi enrolled at Barcelona's youth academy, La Masia, aged 13.

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What did Messi do when he was 13 years old?

Messi also had to work hard and dedicate himself to his craft. He moved to Barcelona at the age of 13, leaving behind his family and friends in Argentina, to join the prestigious La Masia Academy.

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Why did Messi leave Argentina at 13?

In 2001, at 13, Messi left Argentina for Barcelona to pursue both training and growth hormone therapy.

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What did Messi do at age 12?

At the age of 12, Messi had to inject growth hormones into his leg every night.

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What did Messi do as a child?

Early Life

He began playing soccer as a young boy. By 1995 he was a good enough player to join Newell's Old Boys, a top-division soccer club in Rosario. Messi's skills won attention on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and at the age of 13 Messi moved to Barcelona, Spain, to join FC Barcelona's under-14 team.

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Was Messi shy as a kid?

Those who knew the young Lionel back then refer to him as a quiet boy with exceptional football skills. He was shy, but as a child, Messi was already very cerebral when he had a ball at his feet.

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What happened to Messi at 11?

The club offered 13-year-old Messi a spot on their team and even sponsored his medical treatment. At 11 years of age, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone disorder, or GHD. Basically means his growth was stunted.

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Why can t you name your kid Messi in Argentina?

According to a 2014 ruling, it is illegal for parents to name their child 'Messi' in Lionel Messi's hometown Rosario, in Argentina. As per authorities, 'Messi', a surname, cannot be used as a forename. The law was passed after a man named his son 'Messi' Varela, the first in the town to do so.

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At what age Messi joined Barcelona?

In 2000, at the age of 13, Lionel Messi joined Barcelona's youth academy, the famed La Masia, and the rest is history. Charly Rexach, the then first team director of FCB, famously got Messi to sign his first contract with the club on a paper napkin.

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What did Messi do when he was 16 years old?

2003 — 16-year old Lionel Messi makes his official debut for FC Barcelona when he comes on as a substitute in a friendly against Porto. 2008 — Pittsburgh rallies to beat San Diego 11-10, the first such final in NFL history, spanning 12,837 games.

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Who is the youngest Messi?

How many kids does Messi have? Messi and Antonella have three sons. All three count Barcelona, the home of the club where the striker remains the all-time top scorer, as their birthplace. Eldest Thiago is nine, while middle child Mateo is seven and youngest Ciro is four.

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What language does Messi speak?

Messi's native language is obviously Spanish, with the Argentinian staunchly proud of his Rosario accent, despite spending many years in Spain. During his time in Catalonia he also learned Catalan, with certain Barcelona teammates speaking it as their first language.

Where did Messi go at age 13? (2024)
Is Messi educated?

How old is Messi in FIFA 14?

Lionel Messi FIFA 14 - TOTY is the Team of the Year card belonging to Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona. His nationality on the card is Argentine, the demonym of Argentina. His original position is Centre Forward, and on the card he is 27 years of age.

What age did Messi turn pro?

He was promoted to the A team for the 2004-05 season, and made his league debut on 16 October 2004 against Espanyol as a substitute. He made his league debut at age 17, and became the youngest player to play for Barcelona's first team in an official competition.

Why is Leo Messi quiet?

It's a signal of one of the Argentine's standout qualities: his introversion. Read almost any article about Messi and you'll see references to his shyness, his bashfulness, his desire to shun publicity. In some instances, this behaviour has been mistakenly associated with a perceived inability to lead.

Did Messi stop growing as a kid?

A doctor found that, at age 11, he had hardly grown over the last few years. Diego Schwarzstein diagnosed him with growth hormone deficiency.

How tall is Messi really?

Did Messi wear 11?

Lionel Messi wears no. 10 for PSG as Neymar reverts to No. 11 - Futbol on FanNation.

Does Lionel Messi speak English?

Lionel Messi speaks “pretty good English” and is continuing with lessons after linking up with Inter Miami, Rob Taylor has revealed. WHAT HAPPENED? The Argentine icon has spent his entire professional career to date in Spain and France – presenting him with no need to learn English.

Does Messi have anything named after him?

After the success, Messi has received tributes of different kinds in many parts of the world, but now in his homeland a neighborhood in the province of Santa Fe will be named after him.

What is named after Messi?

Argentina have honoured Lionel Messi's World Cup heroics by naming their training facility after their talismanic captain. Casa de Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires, houses Argentina's national team set-up, but it will now be known as Lionel Andres Messi.

Who is Messi family?

Did Messi move to Spain at 13?

Messi arrived at Barcelona at age 13, when he and his family came to Spain to try his luck at Barcelona's youth academy. He made his official debut on Oct. 16, 2004, and two years later helped the club win its first Champions League title in a squad led by Ronaldinho.

What did Messi's parents do?


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